Kandyan Art

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Specifications of Kandyan Arts

Kandyan Arts

Arts and crafts are an integral part of Sri Lanka’s ancient cultural heritage. Traditional Sri Lankan crafts are vital industries in many parts of the island that include wood carving, mask making, drum making, mat weaving, handlooms, lac-work, rush and read products etc.During the Kandyan Kingdom arts and crafts received royal patronage, which included the formation of guilds, standardization of payments and even the imposition of penalties for bad work. The traditional skills have been preserved with its purity, resulting in the continuance of characteristic identity of Sri Lanka handicrafts.The Sri Lankan dancer, drummer, musician, artist and the craftsman all continue to contribute significantly to Sri Lanka’s vibrant culture and a visitor can easily experience the mesmerizing beauty of the traditional Kandyan Dance whilst on holiday, purchase authentic arts and crafts and explore the colorful and intricate murals in historic temple walls.

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